The Green Scene

So, it’s the New Year, and if you’re like me then you’ve probably set resolutions like “live a healthier life” and “be a better person.. To help stick with the “being a better person” resolution I suggest you check out a restaurant that mixes a passion for great food with a passion for protecting the environment.  With a nod to its powerful location, Founding Farmers on Pennsylvania Avenue is named to fit both its address and mission.

Opened in late 2008, DC’s first LEED (Gold) certified restaurant is making the green scene a place to be seen. The atmosphere is fun and upbeat. It’s always bustling. Even on a Monday night, you feel like you are at “The” happening place.  It’s also a great place to take out-of-towners, though it can be a bit loud, so don’t take the grandparents.  But a word to the wise: always make a reservation. There is always a wait, even for politicos like Sec. Sebelius and Cong. Putnam, who I’ve seen waiting for tables.

What makes the Founding Farmer special is that it offers “farm-inspired American true food and drink” served up in eco-friendly, casual setting. Owned by a collective of family farmers, Founding Farmers takes sustainability to heart, asserting that “everyone benefits by knowing more about the sources of the food they eat.”  According to the restaurant, almost everything they serve is made from scratch.  Also, they claim to buy local when possible and the meat is from certified sources and the seafood from vendors that adhere to FishWatch standards.  They have received some scrutiny for their food buying practices, but I was impressed all the same with the eco-inspired innovations in both the restaurant design and dishes.

Speaking of dishes, the food is great. Things I (and my better half) go there for are: Southern Fried Chicken Salad, The Derby Chop Salad, Skirt Steak (the corn on the cob is similar to “helote loco” that they sell in South America and sometimes state fairs), macaroni with meat ragu, and the red velvet cake – seriously about 3lbs worth of cake in one slice. Coke lovers beware…they only sell sodas/drinks that fit the green profile, so normal Coke/Pepsi products are not sold – awful I know. But what they lack in soda, they make up for in hand squeezed libations of the intoxicating nature.

Thanks to the great eats at Founding Farmers, I have a greater appreciation today for earth-friendly food.   It’s also a growing theme (pun intended) in my life as epiphany productions prepares to move into Del Ray’s first LEED certified building that boasts the region’s first organic roof farm.  So as the New Year begins, I see green…and it makes my hungry.

Aynsley Interiano
political director
epiphany productions, inc

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