Inaugural Muse

I hope everyone likes the new epiphany productions, inc. website.  Lots of thought and lots of hours went into making it something that all of us are excited to launch.  We hope that it gives you the pertinent information about our company as well as offers our clients, donors and friends new and interesting information to help make their jobs and lives a bit more fun.

To that, we have some cool features to the site that I hope keep people coming back to see what is happening at epiphany productions.  Hungry? The restaurant review will allow a bunch of our foodie friends to check out the dining scene here in DC as well as the places we host events throughout the country and the world.  Keep reading and inevitably you will find the perfect place for a cozy cocktail with a client or a banquet for 1,000.  Perhaps we will even have a regular feature on gardening as we plant the green roof on our new building next door.

The blog.  Well, after boring the staff relentlessly with my ramblings on the state of the world, or the state of fundraising at our weekly Tuesday meetings, we have decided to take it live to all of you!

I have a lot to say – about a lot of subjects.  Hopefully, I will also provide some guidance on those looking for quick fundraising tips or event strategies.  But, I have no doubt I will provide a running commentary on the craziness that is the world of politics, and I promise to be entertaining.

Scott Douglas, President of 3 Dog Consulting – our sister company, swears he will make his presence known with periodic movie reviews and color commentary on modern culture. Anyone who knows Scott knows it will be worth checking in on us regularly to make sure you are up to date with Scott’s unique turn of phrase and his download of daily gossip.  After awhile, you too might understand what he means in his clipped sentences and veiled obscure references to 1970’s B actors.

Additionally, I am excited about our staff profile and update section where we can periodically update you on the happenings of the epiphany productions team.  Of course, you won’t ever get updates or a profile onAaron Poe, as any one who knows him knows, he won’t let us.  Perhaps we will get an update on Howie the cat, but that’s as personal as he goes.

Our inaugural profile is about Jeramie Anderson – one of our newest staff people, but totally intriguing.  He is instrumental to the launch of the new site and the launch of our sister company – Comitatus Consulting.  Read about Jeramie and why he is the most likely of us to be on Dancing with the Stars!

Thank you for your interest in clicking on the site in the first place.  Like all of our donors and clients, I hope we keep you coming back – satisfied and looking for more!

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