Our Personal Favorites

For our first review, we thought we would ask the staff of epiphany productions and our sister companies 3Dog Consulting and KRM Executive Livery to help us out.

In the crazy busy world of fundraising and event planning, where we spent late nights and early morning going to events and the remainder of the day on the phone raising money, what is the one guilty food pleasure that always brightens your day?

Jeramie Anderson:  Pizza from Pie Tanza in Cherry Creek or a milkshake and Bureaucrat Sandwich from Lost Dog Café in Arlington

Katy Cannon: Cookie Monster ice cream at Thomas Sweet in Georgetown

Amanda Cernik: Rib platter with Mac&Cheese and Cucumber Salad fromDinosaur BBQ in New York.

Scott Douglas :   Hoagie Sweet from Car Miras Deli on Chichester in Boothwyn PA

Corey Fitze:   Puilled Pork Sandwich from FireFly in Del Ray.

Luke Guthrie:  Pan Fried Dumplings from Oriental Star

Aynsley Interiano,:  Double cheeseburgers (“dobles”) from McDonald’s with a patty’s-worth of those yummy little dehydrated onions.

Michele Knudsen:  Quesadillas and queso from Los Tios in Del Ray.

Dee Dee Lancaster:   Birthday cake days because we have all celebration and none of the guilt…

Peggy Lively: Rigatoni Sausage from A La Lucia and of course, the group therapy with Dairy Godmother’s.

Marcus Madison: Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys

Aaron Poe:  Del Merei Chili Dogs from Del Merei Grill.

Tory Thoet, : TCB Chicken Pita at Perfect Pita

Julie Wadler; Fontina and Proscuitto Pizza at A La Lucia in Old Town Alexandria

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