Jeramie Anderson

Jeramie Anderson defies stereotypes. He is cool. He is a dancer. He’s a DJ. He’s a former White House staffer. He is a techie nerd…but did I mention that he’s cool.

He’s also a key part of the epiphany family, and a critical part of my frontal lobe since he heads up the technology front for epiphany and all the related enterprises: 3 Dog Consulting, KRM Executive Livery, and Comitatus Consulting; a company specifically devoted to helping clients use technology to reach donors better. With 15 years of technology experience and just a knack for it, he’s an indispensable part of the team. Check out his bio here.

So back to his interesting pastimes. Jeramie and his wife Amber share a passion for music and dance. Jeramie has spent the last 10 years as a dance instructor and DJ. Primarily versed in the vintage dance style Lindy Hop, a swing era dance, Jeramie also teaches other vintage swing era dance and some modern urban dancing. He doesn’t just teach it…but he’s good at it. He holds many titles and was a member of the 2000 Olympic Performance Troupe, Neo Swing, and even performed at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Jeramie finds small escapes from his technology whiz persona in quick weekend trips to compete, dance or DJ across the country

Jeramie and his Wife Amber Dancing

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