Marcus Madison: Driven to Drive

Marcus Madison was born to drive.  As a small child, he spent many hours watching and learning from his grandfather, who owned Lee’s Limousine in Washington, DC.   When he was 12, his grandfather taught him to read a map, and by 16, he was working for him as a driver.   With his grandfather’s guidance, he developed a passion for driving and an interest in running his own business.

To prepare, he spent years studying the business.  Lee’s Limousine specialized in funerals and was known for its impeccable customer service and well-maintained cars.  As his responsibilities grew, customers frequently praised Marcus for his courteous and professional personality.  Over the years, Marcus started expanding the business by developing a list of regular corporate clients.

One of these customers was Julie Wadler, owner of epiphany productions inc., who often hired Marcus for events.  Marcus had toyed with the idea of starting his own car service that catered to business executives.  Impressed with his product and attention to detail, Julie thought it was a great idea too and offered to be his business partner. With Julie’s partnership and lessons learned from his grandfather, Marcus followed his dream, launching KRM Executive Livery in late 2008.

Marcus now is in the process of building his business.  KRM offers top-notch chauffeured transportation.  Using a variety of limos and sedans and well-trained drivers, KRM operates in the Washington, DC metro area and beyond.  Asked what his strengths are, Marcus is quick to say “pleasant, patient, and eager to help.”  He strives to go the extra mile for customers and has been known to even suggest a good restaurant to clients—when asked.  Based on KRM’s repeat business, customers agree.

A long-time Washingtonian, Marcus attributes his patient, friendly demeanor to his Caribbean roots.  He was born in Trinidad where his father lived.  Even after moving to DC, he spent many summers visiting and learning the customs of this colorful, diverse nation.  These trips solidified his love of West Indies-inspired foods and his interest in cricket and soccer.

His zeal for soccer is shared by his two children who are also playing.  Recently, Marcus noticed that his older son also shares an interest in cars and reading maps.  Asking many questions about the business, Marcus wonders whether his 13 year-old may soon become the third generation that is driven to drive.

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